What No Service Validity Means During Vi or Other Recharge?

No Service Validity Means Introduction

Nowadays, users can get their mobile recharged without leaving their homes. All major telecom operators like Airtel or Vodafone have their own recharge service platforms in the form of mobile apps. All you need to do is download the official app of your telecom operator on your mobile phone. It will allow you to recharge your phone number anytime, anywhere.

When you open the app to recharge your number, you must have seen the phrase “no service validity.” It appears under the details of various recharge plans. One thing to notice here is that this phrase occurs only under some plans and not all.

What does no service validity mean? Or why is that particular recharge plan showing that?

It’s not just you; many people are confused about the “no service validity” message. Well, no worries! We are here to explain that there is no service validity in Vi or Airtel. 

This article will cover what no service validity means and other relevant details.

What No Service Validity Means?

So, what exactly does NA validity mean? We will explain it in the simplest terms in this section.

Many mobile users might not know what no service validity means Vi since telecom operators usually inform customers only about validity when they recharge their mobiles.

No service validity in Hindi refers to a recharge plan with a balance but no validity for making calls. It is relevant for users of Idea and Vodafone. Customers need to be aware of what no service validity means in Vi.

For mobile customers, there are two types of recharge plans. One includes recharge and validity for one year, 56 days, 28 days, or 20 days. The other plan provides money on recharge but no validity.

In simpler terms, Vi no service validity means you get no validity with that recharge. And with validity, you can make calls. This information is helpful for all mobile users. They should know “what is service validity to understand the type of recharge available.

Service validity means the recharge plan is valid for a specific period. After the service validity period is over, the plan will be deactivated. You will need to recharge again to extend the service validity.

For those who were curious to know “what does no service validity means?” Hopefully, you got your answer.

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No Service Validity in Vi

Now let’s talk about the meaning of no service validity in Vi.

As you all know Idea and Vodafone have merged, and their SIM cards are known as Vi, or Vodafone. Former users of Idea or Vodafone SIM cards are now Vi customers. 

So, what does no service validity mean in Vodafone? When you want to recharge your Vi number, you will see different plans with varying prices. These recharges include internet data along with validity. Most of these plans give validity for 56 days, 28 days, or 30 days. Some recharge plans come with a more extended service validity period, the yearly plans.

You receive unlimited calls, internet data, and validity for the specified days upon choosing any of these recharges. The recharge remains active only for the duration mentioned.

There’s another recharge type known as Vi No Service Validity Recharge. Customers who opt for these recharges receive money on their phones but cannot send messages or make calls. Each recharge with this feature is labeled with No Service Validity, as seen on the official Vi app.

Put, service validity signifies a recharge plan without any validity. If customers mistakenly choose these recharges, they will only work after restoring once another recharge with the same validity is performed.

So, now you know what is no service validity. Next time, when you recharge your Vi number, remember not to get a “no service validity” plan unless you have another recharge validity done on your number.

Understanding no service validity helps you skip those plans if you don’t want them.

Types of Service Validity in Mobile Recharge

Now that we have cleared service validity meaning in Vi let’s talk about the service validity types. It’s optional for customers to be aware of this, so here we are with all the details you need.

TRAI is responsible for establishing rules regarding SIM card recharge validity types, and it mandates all telecom operators to follow these regulations. 

Here are the service validity types:

  • NA Service Validity
  • Service Validity
  • No Service Validity
  • Existing Service Validity

We will explain each service validity type to give you a better idea.

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What is No Service Validity?

In this section, we will talk about what no service validity means for Vodafone.

Specific recharge plans don’t have any associated validity. In Vodafone Idea, and Airtel, numerous recharges fall into the “no service validity” category. This means customers can utilize these recharge plans only if they have a valid recharge in their phone number.

No validity means that a recharge plan doesn’t have validity. These types of recharges don’t let you make calls or use data.

What is NA Service Validity?

Now let us explain NA meaning in recharge. The NA Service Validity category is associated with recharge plans that lack service validity. All top-up recharges in Vi recharge, including the smaller recharge plans, fall into this classification.

Customers should know that the NA full form in recharge is “Not Applicable.” In this context, certain recharges are available for a lower cost, providing users with some monetary benefits as long as they have their phones restored. It enables users to use features such as messages and phone calls.

So, now you know what NA in recharge means.

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What is Service Validity in Mobile Recharge?

By now, you know the meaning of no service validity. This section will tell you what service validity is in mobile recharge.

Recharges with a validity period are recharge plans with Service Validity. These recharges are widely favored by customers, as they provide services for a minimum of 20 days. 

Telecom operators encourage customers to opt for recharge plans with service validity to ensure prolonged usage of their services.

Telecom companies often introduce new offers, including unlimited SMS, calls, and high-speed internet, to keep customers in the loop. Customers are also offered additional perks like Vi Movies with the Vi mobile app. This platform provides a range of Hollywood and Hindi movies for viewing.

What Does Existing Service Validity Mean?

In the previous sections, We have already discussed what no service validity means in recharge. Now let us understand what existing validity means in Airtel means.

This recharged doesn’t function independently; rather, it complements an existing plan with which you have already renewed your number.

To put it in simple words, the validity of this plan is combined with the validity of the preceding recharge plan. These recharges are widely used for internet data packs. 

For instance, when a recharge is made for a Vi or Airtel SIM card, providing 2 GB or 3 GB of daily internet, there might arise a need for additional internet. In such cases, this specific recharge is essential.

The purpose is to ensure that the customer’s previous recharge remains unaffected and that the new recharge seamlessly integrates with the existing plan. 

For example, if you need extra internet, getting a data recharge with existing service validity can meet your requirements.

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Final Words

Whether you use Vi, Airtel, or any other SIM card, it is essential to understand what no-service validity means. Some recharge plans come with “no service validity.” Getting these recharges doesn’t extend your validity or make calls. At the time of recharge, you must check the details of the recharge plans so you can avoid getting the wrong recharge.

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Can I receive an SMS with no service validity?

You can receive SMS even if your service validity has expired. Service validity is mainly about making outgoing calls or using data services, but SMS reception is usually unaffected.

What does it mean to have no validity in Airtel?

In Airtel, “no validity” means that your outgoing services, like calls and data usage, are restricted, but you can still receive incoming calls and messages. To restore complete services, you will need to get a recharge.

How do I extend my Vi service validity?

To extend your Vi service validity, you can recharge with a recharge plan with a validity extension.

What is the service validity of Vi 99?

The service validity of Vi 99 refers to the duration for which your outgoing services are active.

Can I receive OTP without a recharge?

You can receive OTP without recharge. This is because receiving OTP generally isn’t dependent on your recharge status.

How do I check my Vi service validity?

To check your Vi service validity, dial a specific USSD code provided by Vi. This will give you information about the validity of your current plan.

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