0956 What Network Philippines – Is it Globe or Smart?

0956 What Network Philippines - Globe or Smart?

0956 What Network Philippines Introduction

When you receive a call or text from someone with an unfamiliar mobile prefix, finding out what network the person is using is essential. It could help you avoid extra charges when calling or texting back to the person.

Now, if you are wondering, “what network is 0956?” we can help you figure it out. In this post, we will tell you about “0956 what network?” So, if you want to know “0956 what network Philippines,” read this article.

0956 What Network?

So, 0956 what network? The 0956 prefix is associated with the Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) network in the Philippines. For those unversed, TM is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, a leading telecom company in the country. Other companies include Sun Cellular and Talk N’ Text, which are subsidiaries of Smart Communications.

0956 what network? Launched in 2001, TM is famous for its excellent calling and messaging services. It provides cost-effective services and operates under Globe Telecom. The two companies use the same mobile prefixes, making them affiliated networks.

Now that you are familiar with 0956 what network 2024, you should be able to identify mobile numbers with this prefix. To experience the best telecom service in the Philippines, you should get a 0956 sim or port your existing number to TM or Globe.

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What Are Mobile Number Prefixes?

0956 what network Philippines? Mobile number prefixes are simply the first four digits of your mobile number. For instance, if your mobile number is 09561239876, the prefix would be 0956.

0956 what network ph? These prefixes make it easy to know which cellular network a mobile number is part of. Being aware of these prefixes helps you avoid calling or texting numbers from networks not covered by your current plan and thus enables you to save money. It also lets you estimate how much you will be charged for texting or calling a particular number based on the network it belongs to.

0956 what network near metro manila? All mobile numbers starting with this prefix belong to TM or Globe. Their service is spread across the country. It doesn’t matter if you are in Metro Manila or any other location in the country; the mobile prefix for TM or Globe remains the same.

Now that we have cleared 0956 what network 2013, let’s move on to other details.

How To Call A Globe Mobile Number?

If you are calling a Globe mobile number within the Philippines, dial the 11-digit number that starts with 0956. 

0956 what network Philippines? Just make sure you have enough load on your account. For extra benefits, it is a good idea to subscribe to any TM or Globe unlimited call promo. 

What is 0956 network? When calling from outside the Philippines, use the format +63 followed by the 10-digit mobile number. Don’t forget to remove “0.”

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Why is knowing a mobile number’s network Important?

0956 what network? Knowing the network of your contacts is both handy and money-saving. It helps you make the most of your unlimited promos and avoid charging extra for texting or calling different networks.

What mobile network is 0956? Usually, unlimited promos are exclusive to specific networks. For example, if you are a Globe user with an unlimited promo, it likely works only for contacts on the same network.

For those wondering, “0956 what network globe or smart?” you already have your answer.

What Is The Area Code In The Philippines?

What mobile network is 0956? When dealing with mobile numbers in the Philippines, there’s a universal area code recognized worldwide, which is +63. 

What network is 0956 in the Philippines? This area code applies to all mobile phones in the country, regardless of the service or network provider.

Globe/TM Telecommunity Mobile Prefixes

Below is a list of Globe/TM Telecommunity Mobile Prefixes:

0817, 0916, 0917, 0926, 0927, 0954, 0955, 0956, 0963, 0965, 0966, 0904, 0905, 0906, 0915, 0967, 0975, 0976, 0977, 0978, 0979, 0995, 0996, 0997, 0935, 0936, 0937, 0945, 0953.

Significance Of The 0956 Prefix

What is 0956 network? The 0956 mobile prefix is essential for Globe users in the Philippines for the following reasons.

  • Network Identification

0956 what network Philippines? TM and Globe Telecom control the 0956 prefix precisely. These networks own and manage any mobile number that starts with this prefix.

  • Dialling Method

What mobile network is 0956? When making local calls inside the country, you can directly dial the 0956-prefix followed by the mobile number. But for international calls, you must include the country code (+63956) before dialing the number.

By now, you should know what network is 0956. This mobile prefix is registered under Globe and TM.

For those wondering, “Is 0956 Globe or Smart?” Well, the 0956 prefix belongs to Globe, not Smart.

Final Words

0956 what network? The 0956 mobile prefix is under Globe Telecom and TM. It simplifies network identification, allowing users to recognize the service provider associated with any mobile number starting with 0956. Using the 0956 SIM prefix contributes to network management and enhances communication clarity for users across various contexts.


What are the TM and Globe numbers?

TM and Globe numbers are telecommunications networks in the Philippines.

What is the prefix of the Philippines phone number?

The prefix for mobile phone numbers in the Philippines is 0956.

What network is Globe?

Globe is a major telecommunications network in the Philippines, providing mobile, broadband, and fixed-line services.

What network starts with 0956?

The network that starts with 0956 is Globe Telecom. Mobile numbers with 0956 are registered under Globe Telecom and TM networks.

What network is TM?

TM, or Touch Mobile, is a mobile network in the Philippines and is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom. It offers prepaid services and is known for its budget-friendly options.

How do I check my SIM network?

To check the network of your SIM card, you should go to the settings menu of your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can contact your service provider’s customer support and inquire about your SIM network.

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