0995 What Network Philippines – Is it Smart or Globe?

0995 What Network Philippines - Smart or Globe?

0995 What Network Philippines Introduction

When you receive a call or text from a number, one of the first things you check is the prefix or the first four digits. It helps you know what mobile network it is and whether it will cost extra to call/text that number.

Now, if you are wondering “0995 what network,” we have the answer for you! To find it out, you must give this article a read.

0995 What Network?

So, 0995 what network Philippines?

The 0995 prefix is associated with the Philippines’ TM (Touch Mobile) or Globe network

0995 what network? For those who don’t know, TM is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom that was introduced in 200. The company is renowned for its affordable messaging and call services.

0995 what network? Since TM and Globe are connected, they share the same mobile prefixes. On the other hand, Sun Cellular and Talk N’ Text belong to Smart Communications, another major telecom operator in the country.

Now that you know 0995 what network globe prefixes, it will be easy to identify a number with this prefix.

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What Benefits Do Globe Subscribers Get?

0995 what network? Globe subscribers enjoy several benefits when calling another Globe number. Some of those benefits are:

  • Free Calls

0995 what network Philippines? Globe often offers special promotions or packages that allow subscribers to call other Globe numbers for free or at a reduced rate.

  • Unlimited Call Plans

0995 what network Philippines? Some Globe subscription plans include unlimited calls to other Globe numbers as part of the package. It allows subscribers to stay connected without worrying about call charges.

  • Promotional Offers

0995 what network? Globe regularly introduces promotions that grant additional minutes for calls made within the Globe network. However, these offers may vary depending on various factors.

  • Better Call Quality

0995 what network Philippines globe telecom? Calls made within the same network often experience better call quality and connectivity. It ensures a smoother communication experience for Globe subscribers.

  • Special Features

0995 what network near Philippines? Globe may offer exclusive features or services for calls made within its network, thus enhancing the overall calling experience for its subscribers.

0995 what network globe tnt? Globe subscribers need to check their specific subscription plans and the latest promotions to fully understand the benefits they receive when calling other Globe numbers. Promotions and offerings change over time, so staying updated on the latest offers is advisable.

By now, you know what mobile network is 0995. If you want to enjoy the benefits Globe offers its customers, you should port your number.

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How do you call a Globe or TM mobile number?

What is 0995 network – Calling a Globe or TM mobile number in the Philippines is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you are calling from outside the Philippines, start by dialing the country code “+63.”
  • For Globe and TM numbers, you need to dial the network code, which is “9.” The number sequence now looks like “+639.”
  • After the country and network codes, enter the 10-digit Globe or TM mobile number. The first digit of the mobile number should be “9”, followed by the subscriber’s specific number. For example, if the Globe or TM number is 0912-345-6789, you would dial “+639123456789.”
  • Press the call button to connect your call to the Globe or TM mobile number.

What network is 0995? Check the specific mobile number and country code to ensure accurate dialing. Additionally, if you are calling within the Philippines, you can omit the country code and directly dial the 10-digit mobile number after the network code “9.”

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Globe And TM Mobile Number Prefixes In The Philippines

What mobile network is 0995? Globe Telecom and Touch Mobile (TM) are two popular mobile networks in the Philippines. They have several mobile prefixes, and some of the examples are:

  • 0915
  • 0916
  • 0929
  • 0813
  • 0905
  • 0906
  • 0907
  • 0908
  • 0917
  • 0925
  • 0926
  • 0927
  • 0928
  • 0909

What network 0995? These are just a few examples, and there may be additional prefixes. It is worth noting that these prefixes are subject to change, and new ones may be introduced over time. If you have a specific mobile number in mind, you can determine the network by looking at the prefix.

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Final Words

After reading this post, you know 0995 what network. Globe owns this mobile prefix. The company plays a crucial role in identifying and connecting users within the Philippines. This unique mobile prefix is essential for communication through Globe’s mobile network. Knowing this prefix helps users identify the network to which a particular phone number belongs and promotes seamless communication.


What network is Globe?

Globe is one of the major telecommunications networks in the Philippines.

What is * 143 in Globe?

*143 in Globe is a unique code allowing users to access various services and check their Globe mobile account information.

What is the dialing code of TM?

The dial code for TM, a subsidiary under Globe, is usually the same as Globe’s. Since the two companies are connected, they have the same prefixes.

Is Globe a mobile network?

Yes, Globe is a mobile network. It is one of the largest mobile network providers in the Philippines.

Is Globe a good network?

Whether Globe is a good network varies depending on individual experiences and preferences.

Who uses Globe?

Millions of people in the Philippines use Globe. These include individuals, businesses, and organizations.

What is TNT Globe or Smart?

TNT is a brand under Smart, a competitor to Globe in the Philippines.

What are Globe prefix numbers?

Globe’s prefix numbers typically start with 0817, 0905, 0906, and 0975.

What network is Globe?

Globe network belongs to Globe Telecom in the Philippines.

What is the prefix of the Philippines phone number?

The prefix for Philippine phone numbers varies depending on the company.

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