0966 What Network Philippines – Is it Smart or Globe?

0966 What Network Philippines - Smart or Globe?

0966 What Network Philippines Introduction

Do you ever look at a mobile number and wonder, “What network is it?” Well, you are not alone. It’s common for people to find out about the service provider when they receive a call or text from an unknown mobile number.

If you have noticed, every mobile number has a four-digit prefix, the number’s first four digits. A mobile prefix is essential because it helps us know the service provider.

All telecommunication companies in the Philippines and other countries have unique mobile prefixes, and knowing these prefixes helps you identify the service provider.

Now, for those wondering, “0966, what network?” We have the answer for you! The 0966 sim belongs to one of the major telecom operators in the Philippines. To learn more about “0966 what network Philippines,” you should read this article.

0966 What Network?

You received a call from a mobile number starting with “0966.” Now you are wondering, “0966 what network?”

0966 What network in the Philippines? To answer your question, the 0966 prefix is owned and managed by Globe Telecom or TM (Touch Mobile) in the Philippines. TM is a Globe subsidiary; therefore, both companies share the same prefixes.

0966 what network? Globe, one of the largest telecom operators, has over 3.8 million broadband users registered under its wing. As for landline users, the number is 1.6 million. 

0966 what network Philippines TNT prefixes? According to recent company reports, 76.65 million people in the Philippines use Globe services. The company owns 196 stores in different locations in the country, and the annual revenue is 23.72 billion pesos as of 2021 reports.

So, now you know what mobile network is 0966. Globe provides an array of benefits to its subscribers. If you are looking for a better telecom service in the Philippines, you should subscribe to Globe. Alternatively, you can port your existing mobile number.

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How To Check Globe Telecom Load Balance?

Now that we have discussed “0966 what network,” let’s move on to other details like how to check Globe load balance. If you are a new Globe subscriber and need to learn how to check your load balance, follow the steps given below.

  • The first thing you need to do is get the Globe Telecom app.
  • After installing the app on your phone, complete the registration. You can either choose OTP-based verification or an active mobile number.
  • Once you have registered, sign into your account and access the dashboard. You will find all the essential information about your subscription, including the expiry date.

0966 what network globe prefixes? No worries if you need more memory space to install the Globe application; you can check your load balance via mobile device.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Access your phone’s dial pad and type *143#.
  • Select number 7 and hit the Send button.
  • You will receive an SMS on your number containing all the details about your Globe subscription and the expiration date.

So, 0966 what network globe or tm? The “0966” mobile prefix belongs to Globe or TM. Now that you have this information, you will understand if you receive a call or text from a number starting with this prefix the next time.

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Benefits Of Globe Telecom

0966 what network Philippines? The 0966 network, also known as Globe Telecom, brings several benefits to its users. Here are some advantages:

  • Affordable Top-Ups

What is 0966 network? The 0966 network provides budget-friendly bundles and top-ups to its users. These cost-effective choices are one of the many reasons people prefer Globe over other telecom services in the country.

  • Reliable Voice & Text Communication

What network is 0966 in the Philippines? You can enjoy top-notch voice calls and text messaging services with Globe Telecom. The company ensures customers get the best services and enjoy smooth voice calling and texting.

  • Fast Internet

What network is 0966? Globe provides high-speed internet service with the 0966 network. Advanced technology ensures a speedy internet connection across all locations in the country.

  • 24/7 Helpline

0966 what network Philippines? The 0966 network owned by Globe has a dedicated customer support team available 24/7. They help users by providing solutions for their problems.

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Final Words

By now, “0966 what network” should be transparent. The mobile prefix “0966” is registered under Globe Telecom, which offers services to millions of customers in the Philippines. 0966 Globe prefix is the same as TM because it is a subsidiary under Globe. Knowing what network is 0966 helps you determine if you will be charged extra for calling or texting a number that starts with this prefix.


What are the TM and Globe numbers?

TM and Globe numbers are mobile phone numbers in the Philippines. TM is a brand under Globe Telecom, a major telecom operator in the country.

What network is Globe?

Globe is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines. The company provides various communication services, including mobile, fixed-line, and broadband.

What is the prefix of the Philippines phone number?

Mobile phone numbers in the Philippines start with the country code “+63” followed by a network-specific prefix. The prefix for Globe and TM numbers is often 0915, 0917, or similar.

How do you identify if the number is Globe or intelligent?

By looking at the prefix, you can identify if a number is Globe or Smart. Globe and TM numbers usually start with 0966, or 0917, while Smart and TNT numbers often start with 0918, or 0919. However, there might be exceptions.

How do you convert TM to Globe?

TM is a prepaid brand under Globe Telecom, so technically, TM is already part of Globe. It is unnecessary to convert TM to Globe as they operate under the same network.

Is TM and Globe different?

TM and Globe are part of the same network, with TM being a brand under Globe Telecom. While they may have some differences in offerings or promotions, they operate on the same network infrastructure.

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