0981 What Network Philippines – Globe Or Smart?

0981 What Network Philippines - Globe Or Smart

If you have a mobile number that starts with 0981, you might wonder what network it is. It is essential to know 0981 what network to use to spare yourself from paying extra when you text or call.

So, 0981 is what network in the Philippines? Is it Smart or Globe? It refers to a common question with the 0981 mobile network prefix. Knowing what network is 0981 helps you identify your provider.

More and more people are using Smart and Globe mobile services. Smart Communications and Globe Telecom often add new mobile prefixes. It is impossible to remember all of them, so it’s natural for users to wonder, “What is the 0981 network?”

If you want to know “0981 what network?” you are in the right place. This post will tell you everything you need to know about the 0981 network prefix.

0981 What Network?

So, 0981 what network? Well, the 0981 prefix is associated with the Smart Communications network in the Philippines. Sun Cellular and Talk N’ Text are Smart Communications subsidiaries, while Republika ng TM is under Globe Telecom.

Knowing 0981 what network Philippines can be beneficial for you in many ways. It helps you to save money on your mobile usage. 

However, we are still working here. There are more details to learn about 0981 sim so we will continue that in the post ahead.

What Is The Country Code In The Philippines? 

0981 What network TNT prefixes? The universally recognized area code for mobile numbers in the Philippines is +63. This code is utilized by all mobile phones in the country, irrespective of the service or network provider.

Additional Smart/Talk N’ Text Telecom Mobile Prefixes 

Below is the list of Smart/Talk N’ Text Telecom mobile prefixes:

  • 0813 
  • 0907 
  • 0908 
  • 0909 
  • 0910 
  • 0911 
  • 0912 
  • 0913 
  • 0914 
  • 0918 
  • 0919
  • 0920 
  • 0921 
  • 0928 
  • 0929 
  • 0930 
  • 0938 
  • 0939 

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What Are Mobile Prefixes? 

By now, you know what network 0981. What are mobile prefixes? Mobile prefixes are references or codes that are used to identify mobile networks. 

If you cannot identify whether a mobile number is Smart or Globe, check the first four digits of the 11-digit mobile number. It is known as the mobile prefix. For example, if a contact’s number is 09817652345, the mobile prefix is 0981.

Have you also come across mobile numbers starting with the code +63? Take out +63, replace it with 0, and follow the 11-digit format. For example, +639817654321 becomes 09817654321, making 0981 the mobile prefix.

So, now you know 0981 what network Philippines. Following this tip, you can quickly identify whether a mobile number is Smart or Globe.

Importance Of Identifying A Mobile Number’s Network

Is 0981 smart or globe? What sim is 0981? Knowing the network of a mobile number is essential for many reasons. Let’s find out why!

In the Philippines, popular network providers include Globe, Smart, TNT, DITO, Sun, and TM. It proves advantageous to contact numbers within the same network to make the most of your unlimited call/text promos. It should be remembered that TM and Globe are affiliated networks, just as TNT and Smart.

0981 What network is TNT Philippines? Unlimited promo benefits apply to affiliated networks. For example, if you are a Smart user with a complete text/call promo, it likely covers only texts/calls to fellow Talk’ N Text and Smart subscribers.

0981 What network globe TNT? Awareness of your contacts’ mobile prefixes enhances your experience with unlimited promos. Not only that, but you save yourself from paying extra for inter-network connections. It would help if you tried to find out your contacts’ mobile networks.

After reading through the above sections, you must have answered the question, “0981 what network?”

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How To Reach A Smart Mobile Number?

We can move on to other details with 0981, what network Philippines sim card TNT is out of the way?

For those wondering how to contact a Smart mobile number, follow the instructions in this section.

To make a call, access your phone dialer and dial the number. For example: 098176567821. You don’t need to use a prefix if you have an unlimited call promo. 

When calling from outside the country, you should use the format +63 followed by the 10-digit mobile number. Make sure to exclude ‘0’. For texting, have the number saved in your contacts so you can access it whenever you want to send an SMS.

By now, you should know 0981 what network TNT or smart. Just check the first four digits of the phone number, which will let you know the network provider of that number.

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Final Words

0981 what network? This four-digit mobile number prefix is associated with Smart Communications, one of the top network providers in the Philippines. Whenever you see a number with a ‘0981’ prefix, you understand that the customer is a Smart subscriber.


How do I know if my SIM is Globe or Smart?

To identify whether your SIM is Smart or Globe, check the first four digits of your mobile number. If your mobile number has the prefix “0981, ” you have a Smart SIM.

What number is 0981?

0981 is a Smart mobile network prefix.

What is the mobile network in the Philippines?

Like any other country, the Philippines has multiple mobile network providers. Some of the most popular ones are Smart, Globe, and TNT.

How to convert a smart SIM to Globe?

To convert your Smart SIM to Globe, you must port your number.

How do I find out the carrier of my SIM card?

An easy way to find out the carrier of your SIM card is to check the prefix of your mobile number.

How do I change my SIM network without changing my mobile number?

Visiting the nearest operator store can get a new mobile number without changing your SIM network. You can request them to port your number to the desired network there.

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