0960 What Network Philippines – Is it Globe or Smart?

0960 What Network Philippines - Globe or Smart

0960 What Network Philippines Introduction

Mobile networks are crucial for linking people across the world. It is not just limited to a single country or place. Every country has its mobile network that multiple telecom operators run.

Living in the Philippines, you must be familiar with Smart and Globe mobile networks. These two are the biggest service providers in the country. 

Like in other countries, telecom companies in the Philippines use prefixes that help people identify mobile networks. If you are wondering 0960 what network, you are in the right place.

This guide will tell you 0960 what network Philippines is and cover other related details. So, let’s begin!

0960 What Network?

So, what network is 0960?

The Philippine telecom market is highly competitive, with several providers claiming to offer the best coverage and services. Smart Communications and Globe Telecom are at the top among all the network operators in the country. These companies have made significant contributions to the country’s network infrastructure.

Coming back to 0960, what network is this mobile number prefix registered under Globe Telecom, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Philippines?

0960 What network is in the Philippines? Since its establishment, Globe has been delivering innovative and reliable services to millions of customers nationwide. Over the years, they have solidified their position in the industry through excellent customer care and technological advancements.

We can move on to other details now that you know 0960 what network Philippines 2024 is.

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Globe Telecom’sTelecom’s Dedication To Connectivity

0960 what network Philippines? Globe Telecom is dedicated to providing top-notch connectivity to its users. Subscribers using the 0960 prefix can expect strong network coverage for internet browsing, text messages, and calls.

0960 what network Philippines 2024? The best thing about Globe Telecom is that they provide reliable services even in rural and remote areas. The company has a strong market reputation and likes to keep it that way by offering quality services.

Benefits of Choosing Globe Telecom

0960 what network? People using the 0960 network enjoy several advantages. Globe Telecom, the owner of the 0960 smart network, takes good care of customers by providing the following benefits.

  • Expansive Coverage

0960 Smart or Globe? Globe Telecom’sTelecom’s network infrastructure spans the entire country. It provides coverage even in areas other operators cannot reach, such as rugged terrains.

  • Network Reliability

0960 what network smart or TNT? Globe Telecom is a reputable company focused on maintaining a stable network. They are efficient enough to minimize disruptions and downtime in connectivity.

  • Improved Services

What network is 0960? Globe Telecom is constantly working on improving its services. They introduce innovative services and features to enhance user experience and meet diverse needs and preferences.

  • Excellent Customer Support

0960 what network smart or TNT? Globe Telecom takes pride in its customer support services. The team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance for any inquiries or problems. They are available 24/7, so customers can contact them if they like.

By now, you should know what is 0960. This mobile number prefix belongs to Globe Telecom, which offers quality services to customers.

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Importance Of Understanding the Network

0960 what network? We live in a world where communication is of utmost importance. It is always good to be informed about the network you are using.

0960 what network in Philippines? Knowing how to identify a mobile number prefix can make a big difference. Discovering the meaning of “0960,” whether for personal or work reasons, is an essential initial step for effective communication.

An easy way to identify mobile numbers is to use online tools. There are plenty of those tools on the internet.

How To Identify A Mobile Prefix?

0960 what network 2022? Recognizing mobile prefix numbers can be achieved through a few simple methods. Here are two approaches you can try to identify the network associated with a prefix number:

Method 1:

  • Access your Mobile Settings.
  • Scroll down and locate the option Mobile Networks.
  • Select Mobile Networks.
  • Choose the Sim ½ for which you want to determine the network.
  • Select the Sim Number.
  • The name is the network of your SIM or mobile number.

Method 2:

  • Launch a web browser on your phone.
  • Go to the search engine and type the Network name in the box. For Example 0960, what network?
  • Numerous articles on various websites about your search will appear on the screen.
  • You can read those articles to find the answer.

For those asking, “0960 globe or smart?” Globe Telecom owns this mobile prefix. If you see any number with this prefix, you know the person is a Globe subscriber.

You can also subscribe to Globe Telecom to reap the benefits and perks offered by the company.

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Final Words

0960 what networkGlobe Telecom is one of the top mobile network providers in the Philippines. Mobile numbers with the prefix “0960” all belong to the Globe Telecom company. They provide innovative and great customer service to ensure 100% satisfaction.


What are the TM and Globe numbers?

TM and Globe are both networks in the Philippines.

What network is Globe?

Globe Telecom is one of the leading mobile networks in the Philippines. 

What network starts with 0960?

Globe Telecom owns the mobile number prefix 0960.

Is TM a Globe SIM?

TM is a brand under Globe, so TM is like a Globe SIM. 

What is the dialing code of TM?

The dialing code for TM is usually 808.

How do you convert TM to Globe?

You don’t need to do anything special to convert TM to Globe because TM is already part of the Globe network.

Does TM have eSIM?

For those curious to know, TM does not offer eSIM. 

Can I use TM SIM in other countries?

Check if the company has international roaming if you want to use your TM SIM in other countries. Please contact TM or Globe customer service to learn more about using your TM SIM abroad.

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