SCOM 4G EVO (MiFi & Dongle) Device Packages 2024

The Special Communication Organization (SCO) company which is a brand named SCOM is more popular in remote areas of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Where other networks are not usually available.

The Internet is almost everywhere. And all telecommunications companies have launched Wi-Fi devices for their Internet users. And just as SCOM has now become a telecommunication company. And now it has offered SCOM MiFi and Dongle devices (Also commonly called EVO) with amazing packages to provide its users with fast speed 4G internet access.

So if you want to see the packages of SCOM devices, price, or how to activate them, it may take some time.

SCOM Device Packages

SCOM 4G Device Package [MiFi & Dongle]

(SCO) SCOM presents 2 types of devices called MiFi and Dongle. All of the special packages below are for these two devices.

Package NameData VolumePrice(Per Month)
Monthly 50 GB50 GBPKR 1000+Tax
Monthly 150 GB150 GBPKR 1500+Tax
Monthly 200 GB200 GBPKR 3500+Tax
Monthly 300 GB300 GBPKR 4500+Tax
Monthly 400 GB400 GBPKR 5000+Tax
Monthly 500 GB500 GBPKR 6000+Tax
3 Months Bundle 175 GB / MonthPKR 4000+Tax
3 Months Bundle 2200 GB / MonthPKR 8000+Tax
6 Months Bundle200 GB / MonthPKR 9000+Tax

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SCOM Mifi and Dongle (EVO) Device Price in Pakistan

Device NamePrice
MiFiRs. 1500
DongleRs. 2800

Both of these devices are data compatible and can only be used on SCOM networks. Both of these devices are designed to give users uninterrupted connectivity.

Features Of SCOM 4G MiFi Device

  • SCOM 4G MIFI is a high-speed.

  • Does Providing you high speed everywhere in the network.

  • The device can connect up to 10 wifi devices at the same time.

  • Simple press n play – No software installation.

  • Rechargeable Battery.

Features Of SCOM 4G MiFi Device

  • SCOM 4G Dongle is a high-speed USB internet modem

  • That plugs into Laptop/PC.

  • Gives instant internet access on the go.

  • The device can connect up to ten wifi devices at the same time.

How to Recharge SCOM Device

Visit your nearest Scom Customer Service Center/Franchise/Retailer or use S-Paisa/Alfa App to recharge your Scom device.

How to Activate Scom Device Internet Package

You can subscribe (activate) or unsubscribe to the SCOM specific 4G device internet package without any hassle by following one of the steps given below.

  1. Call 111 726 726
  2. Visit nearest customers service center/franchise/retailer

How to Check Remaining Internet Data MBs in SCOM Device

There are 3 ways to check the remaining internet Mbs in SCOM 4G device.

First Method:

To check the used or remaining data of the SCOm device, Install the “ZTE Link App” from the Google Play Store or Apple Store according to your device then open. As soon as you open the application, the user data will be displayed on the homepage itself. Besides that also check the name of the operator, percentage of battery, signal, speed, and what service is coming (2G or 3G or 4G).

Important: SCOM device must be linked to mobile while using ZTELink application in mobile.

Second Method:

Call 111-726-726 and talk to the representative and ask them to provide information about the remaining of your device resources. The representative will ask you for some information and then tell you about the remaining internet balance of your SCOM device

Third Method:

This method is different from the first two methods because this method is based on an Ip address. So follow the below procedure.

  1. Connect your SCOM device with mobile/Tablet/PC through wifi
  2. Open Chrome Browser then put on the address bar
  3. Tap enter
  4. Enter the default password “admin” (if you have changed it, write it down)
  5. After entering the password tap Login button
  6. Scroll down find USSD icon then click
  7. Click on the ‘Query Balance’ features
  8. Now a short message will appear in the ‘Content‘ box displaying your current balance and expiry date.
  9. Replying by writing “1” in the Reply box

Now you will receive an SMS in a moment about the remaining internet Mbs with the expiry date in your device SMS inbox. To check your SMS inbox click on the “Message Icon” on top of the screen.

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