How to Check SCOM Balance In 2024

SCOM users have a balance in their SIM. So that whenever there is a need for balance, they can meet their need without recharging. And sometimes users need to know the remaining balance of their SIM. To find out how much balance there is in it.

But they do not know how to check the balance of the SCOM sim. If you are one of them and you do not know how to check SCOM balance. Then you don’t have to worry because here we are sharing with you how to check the balance of SCOM. So take some time here so that you know all the ways that you can easily check the balance.

How to Check SCOM Balance

Check SCOM Remaining Balance

Here are the only procedures that make it easier for you to check the balance. So you can follow any method.

  1. Call and USSD Code
  2. Application

How to Check SCOM Balance

The easiest and most used way to check the balance of SCOM Sim is by using code. Then dial 102 or *125# code now using your SCOM SIM. And check the remaining of your SIM balance.

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Check SCOM Sim Balance Via SCO Mobile App

You will need to follow the instructions below to check the balance through SCO Mobile App.

  • First of all install “SCO Mobile App” on the smart phone
  • Simply Open the App
  • And Complete Registration then Sign In
  • After signin you will check you SCOM balance on the home page
  • if you want to know the remaining of SCOM minutes, SMS and internet Mbs you can see them too. This is absolutely free

SCOM Balance Check Code

SCOM Balance Check USSD Code*125#
SCOM Balance Check Via Call125

Check SCOM Remaining Balance, Minutes, SMS and MBs

  • Dial *125# and check the SCOM balance
  • If you want to check any active package information i.e. resources (Minutes, SMS and MBs). Then type 1 and send, otherwise click cancel.
  • After 1 sending you will a receive message. It will include all the information of your SIM balance and resources.
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