How to Share/Transfer SCOM Balance In 2024

Many times the balance needs to be transferred from one SIM to another when needed. And that’s why SCO company provides service SCOM SIM users to transfer the current balance in Sim. This service is usually called Balance transfer. But even if it is called a balance share service, it is correct.

So if you are also a customer of SCOM Sim. And want to transfer SIM balance to their friend, family, relative or loved one’s SIM number. So you can do this very easily in just a few seconds. So for that you have to follow the procedure given here.

How to Share SCOM Balance

How to Share SCOM Balance

  • Open your mobile dial pad
  • Then dial *128*Amount*Number#


  • Open SCO Mobile App
  • And click Service Entry Feature
  • Now click balance transfer option
  • So now enter the number then select amount and click Transfer button.

The customers have two ways to share the balance for convenience. Which Names and details are shared below.

  1. USSD Code
  2. Application

Share SCOM Balance Via Code

Most people transfer balance using code. Because it is an offline service for SCOM users via SCO. Which you can use in any mobile without the internet. So Dial *128*and type amount* then enter mobile mumber# then press call button choosing SCOM SIM slot. Finally you have successfully transfer your balance to the number.

Share Your Balance Via SCO Mobile App

  • First you need to install SCO Mobile App in mobile
  • once you’ve done that, register your account (if the account already exists) so can sign in now
  • After signin, click on the service entry feature below
  • and now click on the Balance Transfer option
  • So now wite the number in the box on which the balance is being transferred
  • And then click the transfer button after selecting amount.
  • You will now receive a confirmation message
  • As soon as the confirmation is completed
  • your balance will be transferred to the given number

SCOM Balance Share Code

Balance Transfer*128#*128*price*no#

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