Get SCOM Advance Emergency Loan In 2024

Especially if you use a smartphone. then must have a SIM card and balance. So that SIM and balance can come in handy when you need it.

But sometimes it happens that we need balance. And when we check the balance of our current SIM, it is gone. If this is happening to you or for any other reason you need an emergency balance. So you don’t have to worry because SCO is providing SCOM SIM users a chance to get advance balance. So stay here because here we are telling you how to get a loan on SCOM sim.

Get SCOM Advance Emergency Loan

How to Get SCOM Advance Emergency Loan

SCO has provided loan service to SCOM Sim users. This service can be availed when there is no balance in your SCOM SIM. And you only need to dial one code when needed. After that you can successfully get the advance loan.

So dial *135# now to get an advance balance and get a Rs 15 loan immediately and the next time the SIM is recharged Rs 2 charges will be deducted.

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SCOM Advance Emergency Loan Code

SCOM Loan*135#PKR 2 Rupees

Terms & Conditions

  • Advance Loan is given only once
  • After taking the advance balance Rs 2 will be charged on the next load.
  • An advance of Rs 15 given
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