Zong Tax Certificate 2024 | Get Zong Withholding Tax Certificate

Would you like to know more about the Zong tax certificate? So here I will explain how Zong Prepaid and Postpaid customers can get a tax certificate for their SIM. First, let me tell you what is tax certificate. So let’s start without wasting time.
Zong Tax Certificate

What is Zong Tax Certificate?

This process will be triggered when the customer requests for Tax Certificate (For GSM/MBB/Internet SIMs). Tax Certificate is given for fiscal year as regardless to the subscription type – Postpaid or Prepaid; every customer is paying sales tax as well as Advance Tax, and at the end of Financial year (1st July’ 20XX to 30th June’ 20XX ) ZONG will deliver Tax certificate (of Advance Tax) to the customers on request/demand.

In simple words: It is the proof of payment of due taxes, which you recharge on your number. The amount of tax that you pay on packages and recharge gets calculated in the tax certificate. Now let me tell you how you can get it.

How to Get Zong Tax Certificate

To get a Zong tax certificate, you first need to download/install the My Zong app from the Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.

Open My Zong and enter your Zong sim number then a confirmation SMS will be sent to your number which will contain the PIN. Enter the PIN and login.

Click on the Tax Certificate Feature on the My Zong home screen.

click on the tax certificate

Select the Start and End date then click Download Tax Certificate.

select start and end date then click Download tax certificate

After clicking on the Download tax certificate, the Zong Tax Certificate will be downloaded to the PDF file according to the date you selected. You can then open the PDF file and view the deducted tax and use it anywhere you want.

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  1. For me on iphone 7 plus the tax certificate views in app but did not download. Tried many times but clicking Download Tax Certificate button only opens up the certificate within the app. Not sure how to download it


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