What is Flat Data in Zong? 4G/5G Details

How many types of Data does the Zong give in the Package? How is flat data different from social data? First of all, you need to know that all the data that connects us to the internet comes under a few internet protocols names. It can be either flat data or social data. These are the two types of MBs given by Zong.

Getting access to the internet back in the time was very difficult. With the passage of time, the internet started becoming more and more popular. The telecom industry started growing and the Mobile Phones were introduced. After some time, SIMs were introduced. The SIM cards introduced internet protocols in their systems which made access to the internet very easy. Today the internet has excellently revolutionized to 5G which is an extraordinary bandwidth. Nowadays, people prefer mobile/SIM data more rather than PTCL internet. It is because of the mobility and the fact that they can take their mobile and SIM internet with them wherever they want.

What is Flat Data in Zong

Types of SIM’s MBs

Whenever you subscribe to a package of Zong, you receive a notification telling you all the info about your data. How will you differentiate whether you have gotten flat data or social data. Let’s talk about flat data.

Flat Data in Zong

Flat data lets you connect to the internet without any kind of restriction or blockage. You get unconditional access to the internet. You can access all the social media apps and search engines without any restrictions. We can say that the general data is the flat data. It connects us with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and all other apps. Moreover, it also connects us with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and all kind of browsers as well.

For example, Zong has provided you with some packages that give you overall MBs without any restrictions that you can spend on whatever app you want to spend on. People usually like this type of data more.

Social Data

Social data is the restricted or bound data that allows you to use only a few apps. In other words, social MBs are restricted or blocked MBs that restrict you from using some specific apps that you might like. People usually do not prefer these packages because of the restrictions. These kinds of data bundles are usually for those who do not have serious uses of the internet. They only want to use it for fun like they only wanna use Facebook or WhatsApp.

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The speed of the internet MBs is 3G/4G. It also depends on your device whether your device supports 3G or 4G or less. On updated phones, the internet protocols are always maximum. But it is very slow on 3G devices.


We have concluded that Zong allots you two kinds of MBs on your preference whether you want to go for flat MBs or social MBs. You can use both as well for using apps as well as for surfing.

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