Zong Make Your Own Offer Subscription Code & Charges

Zong has been a excellent network and wins the majority of the Opensignal awards. It is the Pakistan’s leading 4G network that has overpowered because of its great speed and amazing internet offers. The network is on top for video experience, game experience, upload and download speed, 4G coverage and 4G availability. Moreover it has also become the joint winner with Jazz for download experience. It has the best network score exceeding about 600. The best voice service is offered by Zong. It gives you a speed with 10.2Mbps. 

Where Zong is successful in almost everything, now it is dominating the market with a new trick called “Make Your Own Package”. Zong has a secret code for its subscribers that they can use to make their own subscriptions. Once you dial that code, you will see all the packages out of which you can choose a package to subscribe to. You can choose one bundle and subscribe to that bundle according to its price.

But there is another scenario as well. Let’s say you do not want to subscribe to any of the existing bundle. In that case you can dial the special code of “making your own offer” provided by the Zong. Once you dial the code, all the trending offers will appear. Choose what suits to you the most. If any of the bundle is designed according to your choice, you can subscribe to the bundle. All the package details will be mentioned their.

Zong Make Your Own Offer

In case you don’t like any of the offers, no worries. You still have an option to make your own offer. Simply dial *3031# or log into Zong app. By dialing this code, you can customize the validity (i.e 3,7 or 30days) and the resources that include Social data like Facebook MBs, WhatsApp MBs etc or flat data/all purpose data, SMS, Zong minutes or other network minutes. Once you have selected the things of your choice, you will have to pay incentives from your balance.

About “MYOP”:

The “Make Your Own Package” is a very good initiative of Zong that helps you make an offer flexibly of your own choice. Zong is trying new things with time. With a few of other networks, you face a problem of slow network on certain hours of day or night. This is problem is not seen in the Zong network. You get a stable and high-speed 4G network. That is why Zong 4G is one of the biggest growing networks with more than 19Million users all over the country.

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