How to Block Zong Lost Stolen SIM Temporarily or Permanently

If you are a mobile user and are using PTA verified SIM in your mobile. And in that case, your mobile is lost or stolen. So you don’t have to worry, in that case you should block your SIM card first. Because your SIM is your identity, if someone else has your SIM, you will be blamed for any action taken.

Many people do not know how to block their SIM. If you are one of them and you were using a Zong operator SIM card and now you want to block it temporarily or permanently. So now we will discuss blocking Zong SIM temporarily and permanently. If you are interested, your precious time will not be wasted. You will be able to block your SIM after receiving this information and restore it if needed.

how to block zong sim

How to Block Zong SIM Temporarily

To block your Zong number, dial *310# from your Zong number. It is important that this number and another number that you want to block is on the same CNIC.

  • Dial *310#
  • Reply with english laguage nmber
  • Then reply with My Accont nmber
  • Now reply with Block/De Block (Stolen)
  • Reply with 1 for blocking sim
  • Enter mobile number without zero (Here you have to enter the nmber you want to block)

Block Your Zong SIM Via Call

You can easily block your Zong SIM by calling Zong Helpline 310. To block the SIM, the SIM owner name, CNIC number, and ID card issue date representative can ask you.

Zong SIM Block Without Using Mobile

In case of loss or theft of your Zong SIM, visit the Zong franchise or Zong CSC with CNIC and get your SIM blocked.

Zong SIM Block Online Via Live Chat

If you want to block your Zong SIM online. So Zong has made it easy. Zong provides live chat support to help its users online.

  • Go to Zong live chat page
  • Type your name, email address and message(I want to block my SIM) and click start chat button
  • Wait a few seconds until your chat agent is connected
  • Now need some details. Kindly share the CNIC number
  • Confirm Last Recharge Amount
  • Also, share Last Call/SMS network Name
  • The agent will now temporarily block your SIM after verifying the details you provided

How to Un-Block Zong SIM

To unblock your Zong number dial *310# from your Zong number. It is important that this number and another number that you want to unblock is on the same CNIC. *310#-> Language -> My Account-> De Block (Stolen)-> Select Option 2 -> Enter Number (MSISDN).

How to Block Zong SIM Permanently

To disown SIM from your CNIC, please visit Zong CSC/ Franchise along with your CNIC. SIM disowning is free of cost. It is mandatory to complete 60 days on the existing network.


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