Buy Zong SIM Online | How to Buy Zong SIM Online

Zong is providing online booking services to its customers. This includes Zong SIM and MBB devices and mobile bookings.

To take advantage of Zong’s online service, you need to click on the button below and go to the official page.

Zong has provides customers with 6 types of services and products at the home. These include prepaid, postpaid, mobile broadband 4G devices, handsets, SIM replacement and MNP (converting an existing number to a Zong network).

  1. Prepaid is the SIM that users commonly use, also called normal GSM SIM.
  2. Postpaid is the SIM that you use by paying the bill on a monthly basis.
  3. You can also get MBB(Mobile Broadband) devices provided by Zong online from home.
  4. You can also get Zong handset devices
  5. If you want your SIM number to remain the same and only change the SIM. So this can be done with SIM replacement.
  6. Converting your existing Jazz, Telenor, Ufone number to Zong network

If you want to book a custom Zong number, also called a golden VIP number. then you need to use Zong Book My Number portal.

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