Zong Daily Voice Offer Detail in 2024


Zong Minutes

1 Day


Rs. 5

Including Tax

Dial *45#

To subscribe

Zong Daily Voice Offer Detail

Zong 4G brings you Zong Daily Voice Offer for only 5 rupees. In which you are given 20 minutes to call Zong number from Zong to stay connected with your loved ones for 1 day. To Activate
dial *45# or send “Sub FVO” to 3864. To Deactivate send “Unsub FVO” to 3864.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The offer is for Zong prepaid GSM customers only
  • Auto renewal does NOT apply
  • The offer can only be subscribed once a day
  • Call Setup charges are not applicable on the offer
  • Check remaining resources dial *102# at charges Rs 0.12
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