How to Check Zong Remaining Call, SMS & Internet Package

If you activate Call SMS and internet bundle on Zong SIM, then you need to check the remaining of the package later. But sometimes Zong users do not consider it appropriate to check the package and later when the package is finished, their balance starts to be used. So in this case you should keep checking the package attached to your SIM so that you know when the package resources are finished and your balance is not lost.

And many times customers want to check free resources too, so here we will discuss the remaining of Zong free resources and the code and method of checking the remaining packages. Which will help you check the remaining of Zong all call SMS and internet data.

So if you really want to know the packages available on Zong SIM. Then take some time here so that you can get the best guidance on how to find the remaining minutes SMS and internet Mbs in Zong SIM.

How to Check Zong Remaining Call, SMS and Internet Package

How to Check Zong Remaining Packages

Zong is doing everything for its customers and that is why it is one of the largest network service providers in the country. And it offers customers the opportunity to enjoy various call SMS and Internet packages.

And also provides ways to check these packages that the user can easily remember.

The most popular method by Zong is to check the remaining of Zong package by combining *102#. It is charged Rs 0.12 per SMS.

  • Dial *102# or 102 and reply within 30 seconds
  • With 1 For Summary
  • With 2 For Minutes
  • With 3 For SMS
  • With 4 For to Internet Data
  • With 5 For My Zong App Information

But there are many more free ways to check bundles. So if you want to check any packages without any charges then you need to take a look down.

Zong Package Check Code

All the codes from Zong 4G that you can dial on your mobile to check all the other resources. If you want to check a separate resource it has codes and methods.

Minutes, SMS, Mbs *102*1#Rs 0.12
Minutes, SMS, Mbs*310*9*2*2#Free
Minutes*102*2#Rs 0.12
Messages*102*3#Rs 0.12
Internet Data*102*4#Rs 0.12

Check Online Zong SIM All Usage Details only 2 Ways

Zong has always been at the forefront of providing the best services. And this time it is offering two such services for the convenience of the customers. And I think you must use one of them.

These balances, calls, SMS, Internet, etc are free and successful ways to check all the history of using and the remaining of the packages.

Call, SMS, Internet, etcMy Zong AppFree
Call, SMS, Internet, etcZong eCareFree

There is also a *310# code to manage the My Zong App.

How to Check Zong Minutes, SMS and Internet MBs [All Methods]

Zong 4G has made it easy to find the remaining Zong packages for the convenience of its customers. No one will need to memorize much code anymore. The user can find out the remaining minutes, SMS, Mbs on his SIm with the help of just one code or online in a few seconds.

Special Code for Check Zong Remaining Packages
  • Dial 102 or *102# and reply with a specific Menu number after checking the name.
  • Reply with 1 for summry
  • Reply with 2 for Minutes
  • Reply with 3 for SMS
  • Reply with 4 for Internet Data
  • Reply with 5 for Zong App Detail


  • Dial *102*1# for Zong Minutes, SMS and MBs
  • Dial *102*2# for only Zong Minutes
  • Dial *102*3# for only Zong SMS
  • Dial *102*4# for only Zong MBS
Check All Free Resources (Use alternative)
  • Dial *310# and reply
  • With My Account number
  • Then My Service Number
  • And last reply with Free Resources
  • Your subscription will be confirmed in a few seconds


Dial simply *310*9*2*2# and get the remaining Zong Minutes, SMS, and Mbs through SMS absolutely free.

My Zong App

Install “My Zong App” from Play Store or Apple Store depending on your device. Then complete the registration and see the remaining resources on the homepage.

Check Remaining Minuts SMS and internet data

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For those of you who found it difficult to check the remaining Zong minutes SMS and internet MB or any of the packages, we have made this task easier for them after writing this article. So now you will be able to check your package very easily.

If sometimes there is any problem in checking the package, you can share your problem in the comment box below and we will solve it for you soon. And yes, if you have learned anything from this article, be sure to share it with others.

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