Jazz IMO Packages Daily Weekly and Monthly

Most people use the IMO app to talk to their loved ones. To do this they need internet and some people who use Wi-Fi can easily stay connected with their loved ones. But for those who want to use IMO App using a Jazz SIM card. So Jazz offers social for them.

Which include a Daily internet package and a Weekly and Monthly IMO offer. Which we have mentioned below.

Jazz IMO Package

Jazz IMO Packages

Many people subscribe to the wrong offer. As a result, they lose their balance, and that offer is of no use to them. Then they unsubscribe to it.

Then deactivating the top does not get the balance back. This offer is removed from the sim.

That’s why we share with you all the details of each package. So that you know all the details about the package that you want to activate on your SIM and unfortunately do not activate any wrong package on your sim.

Jazz IMO Package Code
Package Code Data
*757# 2  GB (12 AM-12 PM)
*117*4# 1 GB 24 Hours
*660# 5 GB 7 Days
*661# 5 GB 30 Days

Jazz Daily Internet Package

Jazz does not provide any specific package to use IMO for 1 day only. So you can use the mentioned 1-day internet package.

Daily Extreme offer: Get 2 GB(12 AM-12 PM) internet Rs. 15 are given for 1 Day. Dial *757# for activating this offer.

Daily Package Detail
Offer Name Daily Extreme
Data 2 GB (12 AM-12 PM)
Validity Daily
Price Rs 15 (incl.tax)
SUBS-Code *757#

Mega Offer: Available 2 GB data validity 1 day on Rs 15 (incl. tax) For Activation dial *117*2# and Check Remaining Mbs Dial Now *117*2#

Daily Mega Detail
Offer Name Daily Mega
Data 1 GB
Validity Daily
Price Rs 27 (incl.tax)
SUBS-Code *117*4#
Status Code *117*2#

Jazz IMO Weekly Package

Weekly Youtube and Social : Avail 2GB data (For Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO, and Youtube only) for 7 days on charges of Rs 99 (incl. tax) For Activation dial *660# and status dial now *660*2#

Weekly Youtube & Social Detail
Offer Name Weekly Youtube & Social
Data 5 GB
Validity Weekly
Price Rs 99 (incl.tax)
SUBS-Code *660#
Check Code *660*2#

Jazz IMO Package Monthly

Montthly Social: Get 5GB data (For Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO only) and 12000 SMS  for 30 days on charges of Rs 110 For Activation dial *661*1# and Unsubscribe Dial now *661*4#.

Monthly Social Detail
Offer Name Monthly Social
Data 5 GB
SMS 12000 SMS
Validity Monthly
Price Rs 110 (incl.tax)
SUBS-Code *661*1#
Check Code *661*2#
UNSUBS-Code *661*4#

Note: If you only want to use IMO, it is very important that you save your balance. So save your Jazz SIM balance by entering the valid balance save code.
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