How to Check Zong SIM 4G or Not – Zong 4G SIM Check Code

Zong users are upgrading their SIM from 2G, 3G to 4G to enjoy the fastest internet. Because Zong is now providing a 4G signal in most parts of Pakistan. And that’s why the number of new Zong users has started to increase.

Zong users want to verify this after converting 2G, 3G Sim to 4G SIM. whether our Zong SIM is really 4G or not. And with that in mind, Zong has provided code and procedure for its users who want to check if they have a 4G SIM or not.

How to Check Zong SIM 4G or Not

How to Check Zong SIM 4G or Not

Zong has revealed the easy and free way to check if the SIM is 4G or not. The user can easily know about his SIM that his SIM has been successfully converted to 4G.

Simply open your mobile dial pad then type *46#. Want to check the 3G or 4G status of the Zong SIM after typing the code. Select this SIM. Your SIM will now receive a message that will be written your SIM type is 3G or 4G.

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How to Know My SIM is 3G or 4G (Online)

To find out if your SIM number is 3G or 4G, your need to talk to a representative through Zong’s online live chat. And then he will give you information about your SIM number.

  • Go to Zong live chat
  • Fill your detail (Such as Name, Email address, mobile number and query)
  • Now send your number to the representative. Which you want to verify 3G or 4G
  • The representative will now provide the information

If you wish, you can also get any information about your Zong SIM by calling Zong helpline 310. Its charges apply.

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